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The Gaucho

Posted on May 23, 2012

Montevideo is not as loud as its South American counterparts – nearby megacities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro manage to overshadow the modest country of Uruguay as a whole. But nevertheless, there it lies dwarfed, pressed between two gargantuan neighbors. Argentina is world-famous for its unwavering pride (which often translates into blazing arrogance), rough politics, and venerated national heroes like Che Guevara and Evita. Bring up Brazil, and discussion about soccer, sexy natives, and the world’s most festive carnival are soon to follow.  But when Uruguay comes into question, if it comes up at all, the only thing that might be mentioned is the beach along the southeastern coast and, more recently, Diego Forlan. And honestly, it’s a shame. What Uruguay lacks…

Run Away

Posted on May 10, 2012

… to South America. Those who deem it cliche haven’t done it. Run away and stay off the beaten path. Get to know a foreign place, leave it with new friends. Eat with the locals, you might learn something. Eat everything that’s placed in front of your nose; even if it’s still squirming, you might walk away with a new favorite food.  Avoid as much planning as possible; these plans will change anyway, often for the better. Be open, be kind, be appreciative of the world and all that’s in it. Give to those who need it, give to those who don’t need it. Travel cheaply in local transportation; your seat-mate may be a chicken, but it’s more awesome this way. Forget about comforts…


Posted on February 22, 2012

“Two-percent moments”. They’re the moments that would make it in a story told about someone long after they’re gone, the moments of a person’s life that define them, complete them, definitively alter their path, and flash before their eyes upon death. The moments that make living so extraordinary. A collective aggregate of important, beautiful, and calamitous events and occurrences and moments that would amount to two-percent of your entire life. Not the monotonous hours spent completing trivial tasks and empty formalities, but the most joyous and tragic occasions of a person’s life that they can’t and won’t forget; the stories your grandchildren will be hearing about before bedtime, wide-eyed, curious, and patiently awaiting another adventure, another momentous tale about their rogue ancestor (“Our grandma…

Fruit Should Be Looked At

Posted on February 1, 2011

This photo I snapped in Montevideo embodies the country perfectly. There weren’t many tourists when I traveled there, but while walking down a cobblestone-ridden alley in the Old Town, I saw a European couple ahead of us take a glance at these marvelous fruits and continue to walk briskly towards their intended destination. Like this fruit grid, Uruguay is rugged and largely overlooked, a sad prospect considering it has so much to offer. It’s a colorful little country; friendliness is a nationwide characteristic and the scenery rivals that of its gargantuan neighbors. Uruguay lacks Argentina’s arrogance, Brazil’s overwhelming mega-cities, and Paraguay’s lack of anything (just kidding). Even Montevideo, its largest city, has the feel of a small but charismatic urban block where everyone knows…

Where the Birds Come to Die

Posted on January 24, 2011

I currently reside in DC. That’s a long ways away from where I snapped this photo – Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. This place is truly unique in that it’s a fishing village nestled in sand dunes, completely isolated from the rest of the country. And the country is a little isolated in itself. It’s a small, quiet community during the wintertime, which was when I went. We were drawn to this village with the promise that we’d see lots of penguins. And we did. Dead ones. Apparently Cabo Polonio is where penguins come to die – they know when they’re old and the protective oil on their feathers is wearing thin. It was a little morbid, but the weirdness of this place was too enveloping…